Bioneers in the News: July 2017

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“Beyond the fields, women are working to make every aspect of the food system more sustainable, equitable, and innovative. Whether it is researching new technologies to reduce food waste or founding organizations to better feed the hungry, women are working around the world to build the future of food.” We are honored to have 2 of these incredible 22 women, Rowan White and Saru Jarayman, gracing the #Bioneers2017 stage.

Occidental folks, this one’s for you! The Forum on Religion and Ecology Conference at Yale is featuring two long-time #Bioneers, Kristin Rothballer and Brock Dolman, at an August retreat. Learn more »

Danny Kennedy’s Organization,  CalCEF, is putting together a virtual Hackathon to tap into the genius of our U.S. Veteran Community to crowd source design of the Ultimate Virtual Clean Energy Hackathon. The winners will receive $500 each! Learn more »

What would Thoreau think of climate change? Bill McKibben explores what “Walden” could teach us about our own time on his 200th birthday.

“All those girls who are growing up . . . need to see women who are really owning themselves in a self-loving way, and serving the transformation of the world.” How femininity can save humanity? Nina Simons, Bioneers co-founder, is interviewed by Lauren Schiller on her show, the Inflection Point – listen today!

“If you’re not incorporating the most brilliant ideas from the natural world into what you sell, you’re leaving money on the table. Biomimicry is now going mainstream.” How do you incorporate biomimicry into your life? Jay Harman is featured in this piece on “5 Trends to Ride in 2017” »

Paul Hawken speaks with VOX about his ambitious new effort to “map, measure, and model” global warming solutions.

“I’m not a fatalist. The reason I’m an activist is because I think that the future, at least in part, is up for grabs. I think that there are great forces that produce some outcomes that are deterministic or semi-deterministic. And there are other elements that are up for grabs.” #Bioneers2017 keynote speaker, Cory Doctorow

Listen to a new podcast episode of Deena Metzger, author of A Rain of Night Birds, in conversation with Nina Simons on Rare Bird Radio here!

Outdoor equipment and clothing companies led by Patagonia, but including names like REI, North Face, and Adidas, are joining together in an unprecedented alliance. These folks are organizing to resist the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back land protection in national monuments and forests, with the Bears Ears one of the hottest flash points. One of the #Bioneers2017 panels this year will focus on large-scale land conservation, and Deon Ben of the Grand Canyon Trust will be there to chat all about it.

“The change that we need is not going to come from a politician…it’s going to come from something that’s always been the driver of change – people power, power of young people” Board Member Xiuhtezcatl Martinez in Rolling Stone »

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Bioneers Conference 2015 © Nikki Ritcher

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