Bioneers Wins Bronze at New York Radio Festival Awards 2021

We are especially honored and happy that the Bioneers radio series not only won the Bronze Award this year in the prestigious NY Festivals global contest, the “Oscars” of radio and podcasts, but that it’s for a 3-show series in the Social Justice Category.

The shows are:

No More Stolen Sisters: Stopping the Abuse and Murder of Native Women and Girls

With Jessica Alva, Khadija Rose Britton, Hanna Harris, and Anthonette Christine Cayedito

Another show was a Finalist: “When Truth is Dangerous: The Power of Independent Media” with Amy Goodman and Monika Bauerlein. 

Since day one, our Bioneers premise has been that “it’s all connected.” Environmental wellbeing and social justice are one notion indivisible. But since we’re probably better known as an “environmental” organization, it’s very gratifying to receive this recognition in the Social Justice space.

I strongly encourage you to take a quiet moment and listen to the shows, which are really powerful and meaningful. As always, our radio team sees ourselves as jewel setters for the actual Bioneers Conference speakers. In each of these three shows, the speakers are profound and spellbinding, and the information is incredibly important, interesting and timely.

I offer huge props to my esteemed Bioneers Radio teammates Stephanie Welch, Emily Harris and Neil Harvey. It’s always a tight team effort with dynamic creative flow.

We hope this recognition will keep helping us reach more people and new audiences! In the NY Festivals contest, we were in competition globally with all the major networks and big-time podcasts, and it’s your money mojo that puts us in the game. Thank you, as always, for your unwavering support of Bioneers.

Please spread the word! And we’d love your feedback about the shows.

Kenny Ausubel
Bioneers Co-Founder & CEO, and Executive Producer & Writer of the Bioneers Radio Series

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