Full Panel Recording: Breaking the Male Code: The Tyranny of Masculinity | Eve Ensler, Tony Porter, Dallas Goldtooth, Luke Harris, and George Lipsitz

This is the full 90 minute audio from the 2017 Bioneers Conference Panel,  “Breaking the Male Code: The Tyranny of Masculinity“.

To transform our culture from its focus on dominance and hierarchy to one of connection, empathy and collaboration, it’s vital that we re-envision the essential (or archetypal) masculine, which changes everything.

Hosted by Eve Ensler. With: Tony Porter, co-founder, A Call To Men, author of Breaking Out of the Man Box, Ending Violence Against Women; Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous activist, member of the 1491’s Native American comedy troupe; Luke Harris, professor of American Politics and Constitutional Law at Vassar College and co-founder of the African American Policy Forum; George Lipsitz, Professor of Black Studies and Sociology, UC Santa Barbara, board president, African American Policy Forum.

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