Climate Change Across the Pacific

Indigenous leaders from islands across the Pacific Ocean share first-hand observations of the effects of climate change and explore how Indigenous traditions and knowledge can launch innovative solutions and inform policy.

Featuring Maui Solomon (Moriori/Kai Tahu), Indigenous Rights Lawyer and Indigenous Rights Activist, and Executive Chair of Hokotehi Moriori Trust; Sven Haawkanson Jr. (Sugpiaq), Associate Professor of Anthropology and Curator of North American Anthropology, Burke Museum, University of Washington; and, Kupuna M. Kalani Souza (Hawaiian) Executive Director, Olohana Foundation, National Distaster Preparedness outreach specialist, and certified FEMA instructor.

This presentation took place in the Indigeneity Forum at the 2017 National Bioneers Conference.

Indigeneity is a Native-led Program within Bioneers/Collective Heritage Institute that promotes indigenous knowledge and approaches to solve the earth’s most pressing environmental and social issues through respectful dialogue.

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