Embodied Healing Approaches to Personal, Generational, and Socio-Political Trauma

Trauma has perhaps never been more widely prevalent than it is now, nor more varied in its causes: personal stress, familial history, racial discrimination, poverty, oppression, climate disaster, etc. These times are really stretching our capacity to endure, so they require ever more effective healing and self-care modalities that include the taking of our personal inventory and adjusting our beliefs and lifestyles. In this panel, two master Somatics practitioners and teachers share insights and explain their methods. With: Dr. Ruby Gibson (Lakota, Ojibwe, Mediterranean), author, educator and healer, co-founder and Executive Director of Freedom Lodge; and Staci K. Haines, educator, advocate, healer, co-founder of Generative Somatics and author of The Politics of Trauma.

This discussion took place at the 2021 Bioneers Conference.


Ruby Gibson

Ruby Gibson, Th.D., of Lakota, Ojibwe, Mestizo and Mediterranean descent, is an educator, researcher, author and leading practitioner of Somatics, as well as a traditional healer. Executive Director of the non-profit, Freedom Lodge, which provides historical trauma healing to Indigenous populations internationally, she has done groundbreaking work bridging bodywork, Transpersonal Psychology, traditional healing and spirituality for 35 years. Author of My Body My Earth, The Practice of Somatic Archaeology, she has developed two new healing modalities: Somatic Archaeology© and Generational Brainspotting™.

Staci K. Haines

Staci K. Haines, a leader in the field of Somatics, is the co-founder of Generative Somatics, a multiracial social justice organization bringing somatics to social and climate justice leaders and organizations. She specializes in somatics and trauma and leads programs for healers, therapists and social change leaders to transform the impact of individual and social trauma and violence. Her most recent book, The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing and Social Justice is based on that work. Staci is also the author of Healing Sex: A Mind Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma and the founder of GenerationFIVE, a community-based organization working to end the sexual abuse of children within five generations. 

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