Finding Joy in Transformation

From the lifecycle of a human, to the fermentation of organisms, to the passing of seasons, beginnings and endings are a natural part of the world around us. These transitions can be both exciting and challenging as we adapt to new circumstances and let go of what has come before.

As we consider the beginnings and endings that shape our lives and our planet, we can also reflect on how to make the most of each moment, and how we can work toward a future that is sustainable and equitable for all. 

This week, as we all prepare for the end of 2022 and the advent of 2023, we’re sharing stories that highlight transitions and transformations.

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How Human Composting May Help Us Reimagine Death

Architect Katrina Spade invented human composting after learning about the “mortality composting” practices used on some farms. She has worked tirelessly to bring the process to the world, first getting a human composting bill passed in Washington state, then founding Recompose, a Public Benefit Corporation based in Seattle and the world’s first human composting company. Recompose started accepting bodies for human composting in December 2020.

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How to Transform the Way You Experience Winter

“Staying engaged with the flow of nature during winter may require extra discipline and determination.”

Yes! Magazine’s Natasha Deganello Giraudie has helped people go from viewing winter as a difficult season to one that brings delight, appreciation, and a sense of rooted thriving. In this article, she explains how restoring our relationship with nature physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is key to transforming our experience with winter.

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Finding Joy in the Unknown

“I don’t know what the future will be, but I absolutely know that joy and the things that give us joy in this world, especially the natural world, are essential for everything.”

In this interview with Emergence Magazine, Dara McAnulty — a teenage author, naturalist, and conservationist — speaks about his identity as an autistic person, his award-winning book, and the great necessity of staying rooted in joy. Purchase his book, Diary of a Young Naturalist, here.

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Entangled Life

Merlin Sheldrake is a biologist and a writer with a background in plant sciences, microbiology, ecology, and the history and philosophy of science. A keen brewer and fermenter, he is fascinated by the relationships that arise between humans and more-than-human organisms. Bioneers Senior Producer J.P. Harpignies interviewed Merlin about his highly acclaimed book, Entangled Life.

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