Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit presented by Marygrove College

GLBD Stage Pic YouthIn addition to the yearly conference and since fall 2009 GLBD has become a year-round presence in Detroit. Our coordinator is an active participant in various networking collaboratives: Zero Waste Detroit (recycling education, closing the local incinerator), People’s Water Board (water affordability for all Detroiters), People’s Platform (issues determined by the community), Equitable Detroit (working on a Community Benefits Ordinance), Community Radio Station (providing a voice for Detroiters), Environmental Justice, Food Justice, Place-based Education and Uprooting Racism Planting Justice.

After attending Traverse City’s ‘satellite’ conference three years in a row; Paula Cathcart, IHM and Gloria Rivera, IHM wondered if it would be possible to sponsor a ‘satellite’ conference in Detroit. In 2004 they presented the idea to Great Lakes Bioneers (Traverse City) and to national Bioneers after consulting with 20+ Detroit organizations and colleagues who enthusiastically endorsed the idea and offered their support. The first GLBD conference took place in October 2005. GLBD will present its 11th conference this year.

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