Shouldering Our Individual Responsibility for Environmental Justice with Drew Dellinger

As the need for climate action grows more dire, poet and activist Drew Dellinger demands environmental justice for those who come after us. His voice echoes the question asked by his great-great-grandchildren in his dreams: “What did you do while the Earth was unraveling?” This call for personal accountability reminds us that we are in control of the legacy we tell them.

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This video is part of a series called “Seeding the Field: 30 Years of Transformative Solutions,” which celebrates some of the best moments of the Bioneers Conference through the last 30 years.

Directed by: Theo Badashi and Maximilian DeArmon
Edited by: Brandon Pinard and Theo Badashi
Sound Mix: Stephanie Welch
Consulting Producer: Kenny Ausubel for Bioneers
Produced by:
Maximilian DeArmon and Theo Badashi for Cosmogenesis Media Group

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