Indigenous Forum – Dollars and Sense in Indian Country and Beyond: Expanding Indigenous Philanthropy | Melissa Nelson (Anishinaabe), Pearl Gottschalk, China Ching (Hawaiian), Oren Lyons (Onandaga), and Evelyn Arce (Chibcha)

This session challenges the paucity of funding for indigenous-led initiatives of preservation, conservation and revitalization in Indian Country and globally (.5% of foundation funding), illustrating how Native-led organizations are innovating with inter-tribal re-granting. Hosted by Melissa Nelson (Anishinaabe), founder, Mino-Niibi Fund for Indigenous Cultures of The Cultural Conservancy. With: Pearl Gottschalk, Charitable Givings Ambassador, LUSH Charity Pot; China Ching (Hawaiian), Christensen Fund; Oren Lyons (Onandaga), indigenous rights leader; Evelyn Arce (Chibcha), International Funders for Indigenous Peoples.

Recorded Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the National Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California.

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