Indigenous Pathways Toward Climate Justice

For centuries, Indigenous peoples have leaned on traditional knowledge systems to impart strength, perseverance, and adaptability that have helped them endure the disruptive forces of colonialism. The impacts of colonialism include genocide, land theft, and the destruction of traditional Indigenous science, causing erosion of ecosystems and cultural lifeways that supported balance and harmony with the environment. Despite these hardships, resilient Indigenous peoples show the path toward ecological stewardship using traditions that have survived and been passed down for millennia. Building solidarity with Indigenous communities must be a central part of creating climate justice. Indigeneity is now a concept that unifies people across the globe who share in common goals of restoration of Indigenous lands and lifeways. 

This week, we share wisdom from several amazing Indigenous leaders from North and South America, including Clayton Thomas-Muller, Julian Brave NoiseCat, and Nemonte Nenquimo.

Nemonte Nenquimo – Indigenous Guardianship is Key to Halt the Climate Crisis

Having passed down generations of wisdom to maintain ecological balance for millennia, Indigenous people today safeguard 80% of our planet’s biodiversity, which act as crucial mitigators of climate change. Indigenous peoples are the ancestral owners of nearly half of the intact forest left across the entire Amazon Basin. Nemonte Nenquimo, a leader from the Waorani community in Ecuador and a founding member of Indigenous-led nonprofit organization Ceibo Alliance and its partner, Amazon Frontlines, discusses why respecting Indigenous people’s internationally recognized rights to decide the future of their territories, cultures, and lives is critically urgent for the protection of our world’s most important rainforest, our climate, and life on our planet.

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Indigeneity at Bioneers 2022, May 13-15

Founded in 2008, the Native-led Indigenous Forum at Bioneers is designed as a sovereign space for Indigenous People to bring their vision and message to Native and non-Native allies and to connect. Each year the Indigenous Forum works to amplify Indigenous voices, build networks and movements and enhance cross-cultural dialogue, learning, cultural sensitivity, and informed action. The event is a core part of the Bioneers Conference, bringing together Indigenous activists, scientists, elders, youth, culture-bearers, and scholars to share their knowledge and frontline solutions in dialogue with a dynamic, multicultural audience.

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Julian Brave NoiseCat – Apocalypse Then & Now

No one has more experience surviving apocalypses and providing models of resilience in the face of dire crises than Indigenous people. Supporting Indigenous climate resistance on the frontlines defending their rights and territories must be central to any credible global climate strategy. Julian Brave NoiseCat, an activist and one of this era’s most brilliant emerging progressive journalists and thinkers, lays out the case for the moral imperative to assure that Indigenous voices have a central role in humanity’s struggle to address the existential climate crisis.

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Indigenous Activism NOW: Talking Story With Clayton Thomas-Muller and Julian NoiseCat

Clayton Thomas-Muller and Julian Brave NoiseCat are nationally and internationally acclaimed Indigenous leaders in the fights against climate change and the accelerating destruction of our ecosystems. When they aren’t on the front lines organizing movements to protect the planet, Clayton and Julian work as accomplished writers, penning penetrating analyses of the connections between settler colonial capitalism, broken social and political systems, trauma, and environmental disaster. In this intimate conversation moderated by Bioneers Indigeneity program Co-Director, Alexis Bunten, these two exemplary leaders share the story behind how their lives intersect with their activism.

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No More Stolen Sisters: Stopping the Abuse and Murder of Native Women and Girls

Across Indian Country, Native Women and Girls are being kidnapped and murdered at epidemic levels. The perpetrators are commonly White pipeline workers living in transient housing facilities near reservations where oil pipelines are built. Having learned how to exploit the juridical loopholes created by the federal government’s colonial relationship with tribal nations, perpetrators often walk away without consequences. In this podcast program, powerful Native women leaders reveal the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and describe how they are taking action and building growing movements.

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Indigeneity Conversations Podcast

Indigeneity Conversations is a project of Bioneers Indigeneity Program, a Native-led Program that promotes Indigenous approaches to solve the earth’s most pressing environmental and social issues. We produce the Indigenous Forum, original media, educational curricula, and catalytic initiatives to support the leadership and rights of First Peoples while weaving networks, partnerships, and alliances among Native and non-Native allies. 

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Special Community Events

Exploring Boundaries to Cultivate Connection: A Live Online Workshop with Minaa B.

If boundaries serve to preserve our relationships, why do so many of us struggle in setting them? Join therapist and wellness coach Minaa B. for an illuminating workshop exploring setting and maintaining boundaries. In this experiential workshop, Minaa invites you to explore your childhood experiences and how the relationship between yourself and authority figures—parents, caregivers, teachers, etc.—plays a role in your ability or inability to be assertive and express your needs due to power imbalances and the fear of repercussions.

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R4 Workshop Series

The ReGenerative Communities Design Lab (RCDL) is a key project of the ReGeneration Nation campaign, a 3-year program focused on nurturing the development of local, municipal, and (bio)regional efforts to build a more regenerative and just world. This new series hosted by the RCDL is designed to offer a creative and courageous shared learning journey that inspires, energizes, and encourages us to leverage our collective efforts across issue areas and networks to support the emerging “Regenerative Communities Movement.”

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