Women’s Wisdom: Happy International Women’s Day 2016

International Women’s Day, 2016

It is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating wisdom with this gorgeous short video by our friend Julia Maryanska in association with Bioneers and the Namaste Foundation.

Women’s Wisdom: International Women’s Day from Julia Maryanska.

Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Leadership

If you’d like to see even more great women’s leadership videos, please check out our Women Leaders on Leadership Collection. This inspiring Collection brings to life the vision, voices and fierce purposefulness of leaders with a different relationship to power: focusing on “power to” and “power with,” rather than “power over.”

These extraordinary leaders are reframing the role of women and the feminine; proposing different responses to confrontation; transforming the story with living models; integrating gender justice with racial justice, cultural diversity and consciousness; leading from the heart; valuing vulnerability and reclaiming wholeness through the inner transformations necessary to be the change we seek in the world.

Here’s to women around the globe!

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