Launch of the Youth Leadership Crowdfunding Campaign!

Greetings Fellow Bioneers!

The Bioneers Youth Leadership Program is thrilled to announce the launch of the Youth Leadership Crowdfunding Campaign! This program inspires and nurtures the next generation of visionary leaders through skill-building, mentoring and networking. The Bioneers Youth Leadership Program (YLP) offers over 400 young leaders and activists the opportunity to listen, create, express themselves, ask hard questions and get real answers in an open-hearted, brave space. If you’ve been to Bioneers, you know first hand how powerful and passionate our youth participants are!

Photo by Jan Mangan

This year we are offering an inspiring set of programs for youth including conversations about restorative justice, queer identities and immigration policy, as well as workshops on storytelling through spoken word and embodied drama performance! It’s going to be a powerful experience for the youth who attend. Learn more about this year’s program.

Bioneers is committed to making our conference accessible to young people from all backgrounds. We recognize that communities who are on the frontlines of environmental crises must be included and centralized in building solutions to climate change and social injustices. It is our intention to make the Youth Leadership Program accessible to young climate leaders and activists, many of whom have limited resources, which is why we are asking for your help!

We invite you to contribute to developing leadership in our youth so they can help guide a graceful transition into our shared futures. You can support our campaign in a number of ways!

  1. Contribute to our campaign on our crowdfunding page
  2. Ask close friends and family members to also contribute!
  3. Share the campaign with your own personal networks via email and social media.
  4. If you’ve had a first hand experience with the Youth Leadership Program, share a testimonial — written or video — about why it was powerful to you.

Please partner with us and help young leaders connect with the information, networks and inspiration that will support their activism.

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