Media for This Moment of Epic Change

Today most people get their environmental education through media. That’s why, with your support, we’ve been in media production mania for the past three years. We’ve put together over 35 themed Media Collections with today’s greatest nature-inspired visionary innovators, organized around the compelling issues of our time. Thanks to your generous partnership, we’ve been able to make these paradigm-shifting media freely accessible in this crucial window of epic change.

Now we’re ready to focus on widespread distribution of these transformational media, and you can help – a lot! Read on…

Change the Story, Change the World

No one knows why paradigms change – they just do. It’s something in the air – the zeitgeist – an idea whose time has come.

What we do know is that changing the story changes the world. And today the story is changing radically.

We’re living in a time of epic change and great awakening. The tipping point has come, and we’re at the dawn of the biggest, fastest cultural, economic and industrial transformation in history. Our charge now is to turn epic change into systemic change in culture, policy, law, governance – and consciousness.

Bioneers has been changing the story since 1990 and we’ve never seen a higher receptivity than today. Part of the reason is that this revolution from the heart of nature sparks a change of heart – celebrating life’s intimate interconnection and our deep kinship with nature and each other.

People are yearning for a life-affirming vision and want to act. As a fertile hub of authentic solutions – systemic solutions – Bioneers offers actionable intelligence, successful models, and a whole lot of heart. For 26 years, we’ve highlighted the world’s visionary solutionaries and made their wisdom, models and knowledge as freely available as we could.

Now the big wide world is ready for Bioneers. And by the way – most people today get their environmental education through media, which is why, with your support, we’ve been in media production mania for the past three years. We’ve put together over 35 themed Media Collections organized around the compelling issues of our time: Climate Leadership, Indigenous Wisdom, Biomimicry, Social Justice, Women’s Leadership, Restorative Food Systems, Youth Leadership and many, many more.

These are the greatest hits from our precious ark of Bioneers content – riveting keynotes and radio shows that inspire, inform and engage people to act. If you’ve been to the annual Bioneers conference, you know the feel of electricity surging through this diverse community of the truly epic social and scientific innovators of our age.

Because of your generous support, we’ve been able to make all these paradigm-shifting media accessible free to anyone who can stream from the Internet, on YouTube, iTunes and SoundCloud. Our award-winning annual radio series brings voices of the bioneers free to millions all over the world. You can access Bioneers media whether or not you can pay. We sell physical Collections as well as our outstanding series of Bioneers books – the books Mother Nature wants you to read.

This ark needs to be shared far and wide – now in this crucial window of epic change. So we’re turning our attention to dramatically amplifying our distribution, outreach and marketing. That’s what you’re supporting when you get your financial mojo working with Bioneers.

Now we want to reach out to mainstream and other influential media to promote the people and projects in the Bioneers network. Your support will allow us to work to introduce a new and improved repertoire of “pundits” – the ones the media ought to be showcasing, the ones who bring game-changing solutions to the real issues we face.

Apart from your generous gifts to Bioneers for this work, we encourage you to give these Bioneers Media Collections and our books as holiday gifts. Give the gift of hope.

As David Orr said, “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.” Be a Bioneers Media Pollinator. Spread Bioneers media as dynamic engagement tools in salons, house parties and community and workplace settings. Help get it on your local radio or other broadcast outlets. Spread it digitally!

We deeply thank all of you who’ve partnered with us to disseminate Bioneers media and public education freely – because everyone deserves access. Your support makes that possible. Let’s make a difference that really makes a difference!

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