Nature, Culture & the Sacred

Nature, Culture and the Sacred 2nd Edition

Nina Simons’ New Book On Sale Now! 

We are excited to announce that the second edition of Nina’s book, Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, is now available to order! 

Nature, Culture and the Sacred offers practical guidance and inspiration for anyone who aspires to grow into their own unique form of leadership on behalf of positive change. Join Nina on an inspiring journey to shed self-limiting beliefs, lead from the heart and discover beloved community as you cultivate your own flourishing and liberation. Inspired and informed by Indigenous wisdom keepers who are leading the way towards a regenerative future, she invites women and people of all genders to, as Joanna Macy suggests, “see with new and ancient eyes.” 

Weaving her own insights together with reflections from cutting-edge leaders such as Terry Tempest Williams, Jeannette Armstrong, Alixa Garcia and V (formerly Eve Ensler), Nina opens thought-provoking pathways for reflection and growth. Discussion guides for each chapter offer prompts for engaging with radical anti-racism and intersectionality, along with interactive practices for individuals and groups to deepen understanding and learning. In this essential handbook for navigating these perilous times with clarity and joy, Nina invites us to remember and reclaim our sacred relationship to the Earth by rebalancing our selves and our societies.

Praise for Nature, Culture and the Sacred

Nina Simons Podcast Appearances

Nature, Culture and the Sacred Correlated Media for Curricula

Informed by her extensive experience with multicultural women’s leadership development, Simons replaces the old patriarchal leadership paradigm with a more feminine-inflected style that illustrates then interconnected nature of the issues we face today. Sharing moving stories of women around the world joining together to reconnect people, nature and the land – both practically and spiritually – Nature, Culture & the Sacred is necessary reading for anyone who wants to learn from and be inspired by women who are leading the way towards transformational change by cultivating vibrant movements for social and environmental justice.

Part 1

Cultivating Inner Balance: Marrying the Moon and Sun Within

Shifting Guidance from Head to Heart

Nina Simons discusses reclaiming the feminine in order to realign our personal and societal values and practices.

“When I listen with my heart, I am pierced with an empathic awareness that calls me into action beyond what any amount of learning, reading or mental understanding can prompt.”

Walking While Listening

Nina Simons describes her journey to discover her true self and her inner leader.

Mourning Into Daybreak

What happens when we cultivate empathic connections towards ‘others’? Nina Simons describes her vision of a beloved community that encompasses other people, all species, and the natural world.

Inflection Point: How Femininity Can Save Humanity

What if the root of all the world’s problems is the imbalance of masculinity and femininity in our leadership?

In this interview by Lauren Schiller, Nina Simons discusses how she discovered that leading with the feminine can help anyone–male or female– find their purpose and their passion.

Part 2

Women’s Leadership: The Challenges, The Pathways and The Promise

For the Wild: Nina Simons on the Holistic Endeavor of Shifting Culture

In this podcast, Nina takes on some far-reaching questions about organizing for systemic change amid convergent ecological crises. Her deeply informed critiques shed light on topics of sacrifice, denialism, gender and race tension, privilege, empowerment, indigenous leadership, and building successful movements.

Eve Ensler: The Alchemy of the Apology

Eve Ensler, the brilliant playwright (author of the world-changing The Vagina Monologues) and tireless activist for women’s rights globally, shares her story and explores how other survivors of abuse might be able to mobilize their imagination and inner strength to move from humiliation to revelation to find healing and inner freedom.

Eve Ensler: Eve’s Revolution

Eve Ensler deconstructs the tale of Adam and Eve from a feminist perspective.

“This is the time for radical change. This is the time to come into our bodies to dance and drum and rise. This is the time to stop apologizing for our belief that it is possible to live in a world where everyone gets fed; taken care of.”

Part 3

Toward Wholeness: Gender Equity and Racial Justice

Escaping the Tilted Room

Nina Simons’ address to the 2012 Bioneers National Conference.

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