Nina Talks Cultivating Women’s Leadership

Nina Simons by Genevieve Russell

“I think the greatest underutilized resource we have in the world is women’s capacity once we are in authentic and aligned mutual relationships of support.” – Nina Simons

Nina made this insight when she was interviewed recently by Susan Santiago on her Pieces of Peace show, a weekly program on West Marin’s KWMR-FM. You can also find our radio program, Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature, on KWMR-FM on Monday mornings at 11.

Removing Limits on Women’s Leadership

During the interview, which you can listen to below, Nina talked about the Cultivating Women’s Leadership (CWL) trainings which she leads as part of her Everywoman’s Leadership (EL) program. The trainings are immersive experiences where diverse groups of women come together to strengthen their unique leadership.

When asked by Susan what inspired Nina to create the CWL trainings, she said, “We as women, because we are all products of a patriarchal culture, we carry self limiting stories, and beliefs and biases that actually tend to hold us back. And we carry them invisibly…and unless we make them conscious…they are going to keep holding us back.”


For more information on the trainings, of which there are two upcoming ones this year, check out the webinar where Nina and several CWL alumnae spoke in-depth on what you can gain from the experience. You can also apply for the trainings online.

You can follow Nina and the Everywoman’s Leadership program on Facebook and Twitter.

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