Anita L. Sanchez

Dr Anita L. Sanchez is an international consultant, trainer, speaker and coach, focusing on transformational positive change, organization development, diversity, inclusion and engagement.  For thirty-five years, she has provided coaching and training to executives and their teams in dozens of Fortune 500 companies, non-governmental organizations and government agencies, created benchmarked workplace strategies and initiatives, led global organizational culture change initiatives and facilitated executive team and leadership development.

Anita writes on topics of positive change, transformation, and visionary leadership. She is the author of Discovering Your Positive Core – A Personal Guide™, and The Strategic Matrix for Selecting Diversity Initiatives.  Her book, The Four Gifts: Native Wisdom to Transform Our Lives  will be published in 2014.

Recently elected to join luminaries like Don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Canfield and Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith on the Transformational Leadership Council, Anita is widely known for her strategic insights and creative intervention designs and delivery, as well as, her skill at bringing together the wisdom in the heads and the hearts of individuals and their organizations.  Bridging the Elders and her first-hand indigenous wisdom with modern day science, she is a widely sought after speaker on leadership, a featured presenter at the Jack Canfield group Train the Trainer series, and is regularly interviewed in “all employee” podcasts on professional and personal development and transformation.

Anita has particularly focused on leadership and empowerment of women and people of many cultures around the world. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.  Anita served two terms as a United States Delegate to the World Council of YWCA’s, where she facilitated visioning the future, peace and development, conflict management programs and training sessions for women from 83 different countries.   Her Ph.D. thesis at the University of Colorado examined visionary leadership demonstrated by women in 43 countries.  She is the past Chair of the Colorado Board of Community Colleges, an honorary Board member of Project AIDS Boulder County, and has served several terms as a professional reviewer of organizational development practitioners in the Rocky Mountain region.  Anita is also an international trainer, community development advisor, Rainforest Journey leader and social justice consultant for the Awakening the Dreamer initiative of The Pachamama Alliance.  She facilitates and certifies trainers for Barry-Wehmiller Communication Skills training, a foundation element of the growing Massive Movement for Listening.

A sample of Anita’s recent clients includes Hewlett Packard, Barry-Wehmiller Corporation, Ford Foundation, Earth Rights International, National Association of Independent Schools, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Dupont, Northwest Province of Jesuits, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Xcel Energy, Vista Century Health, Moss-Adams, AGILENT, AT&T, Xerox, IBM, National Security Agency, Johns Hopkins University, the Bocconi University of Milan and St. Thomas University.

Of Mexican and Aztec heritage, Anita resides in the mountains outside Boulder Colorado with her husband and two sons.

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