Performance of “I Love America” by Alfred Howard

This remarkable performance of “I Love America” by Alfred Howard took place at the 2020 Bioneers Conference.

Alfred is an accomplished spoken-word artist, writer, and co-founder of The Redwoods Music, a San Diego record label and collective. He currently pens lyrics for 8 bands, and performs homemade percussion with six. He has written lyrics for over 30 released albums.

As the son of a prolific black female artist, his unique experience of being a black man in a mostly white city, and of suffering from the mysterious illness of Lyme’s Disease, have given him the perspective to write from a place of paradox, humor and humanity. 

Alfred grew up a self-proclaimed birdwatching nerd and outsider. In his early 20s he caravanned with musicians across the county before setting roots in San Diego, where he is a leading figure in that city’s musical community. He is the author of 2 books, including The Autobiography of No One.

Special thanks to our friends and Bioneers sponsor Guayaki Tea, whose “Come to Life” artists series produced this video.

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