Pollinate Change with Bioneers Media Collections

Pollinate Change with Bioneers Media Collections

Bioneers was created, in part, to spread the word about breakthrough solutions for humanity’s urgent environmental and social crises. When people realize solutions exist, it increases the pressure for change, always our purpose.

Since Bioneers started, it’s been clear the conference provided a perennial wellspring of powerful media content seldom found elsewhere, including marginalized voices and issues.

Thanks to your support, starting in 2013 we began the process to digitize and secure our extensive media archive and create themed Media Collections featuring the “greatest hits” of Bioneers keynotes and radio shows.

The solutions to humanity’s challenges are largely present—and the Bioneers Media Collections showcase many of them.

If you haven’t already, please check out the first round of Media Collections released in 2014, available as both physical and digital editions. They are a fantastic introduction to the work of Bioneers and make great gifts for friends and family, or as donations to libraries and schools. And keep an eye out in the coming weeks when we release our next round of new Media Collections.

You can also always like and share your favorite Bioneers videos and radio shows online, where they can be streamed on demand.

Because these are ideas whose time has come, we need to rapidly spread and scale them. We can seriously influence the course of change with the wealth of practical wisdom and connections in the Bioneers network of networks.

It’s the moment of truth to turn vision into action to grow the world we want—the world the world wants!

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    Bioneers is a fertile hub of visionaries and innovators who are developing practical solutions for the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges.

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Thousands are gathered right now for the 2018 Bioneers Conference in California. And you're part of the community too - the inspiration and solutions found at Bioneers extend far beyond our annual event! Join thousands upon thousands more by signing up for our email list! You'll receive weekly messages from our community of worldwide innovators and problem solvers, sharing their work and how you can be involved in their efforts. Turn inspiration into action with Bioneers.
We’re living in a thriller that only reality could write. The challenges we face are daunting. But hope is within reach. Bioneers throughout the world are digging in and creating big solutions. The Bioneers network of innovators is vast, and a mighty portion of that network will be joining us at Bioneers 2018 in just a week and a half.

Join us, hear from those who are uncovering Pathways Forward, and be inspired.
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