Takeaways from Bioneers 2022 Day 1: Action Based on Love

Kicking off Bioneers 2022 felt brand new and deeply familiar at the same time. Being so close to our community at the in-person event brings a sense of closeness and healing we’ve been yearning for, while we’re blown away by the ability connect with hundreds of you from more than 26 countries on our virtual platform. This weekend brings us a wealth of love and happiness.

Speaking of love and happiness, our Day 1 speakers beautifully connected their work and all the grit it entails to that which brings them joy. They reminded us that authentic leadership comes from the heart. We’re excited to share with you some of their words and campaigns.

In Their Own Words

Inspiration from Bioneers 2022 Speakers

  • “We’ve got to avoid and shift the mainstream culture’s program of suppressing emotions. I believe that hobbles our capacity to act on behalf of what we love and what we want to protect or defend.” -Nina Simons, Bioneers
  • “What is fundamental is we actually have to focus on love. My belief is that only through the sustained awakening of the human heart are we going to have a future. Only love can save us.” -Jason McLennon, McLennon Design
  • “We’re the heirs to something that is very special, and the work is very hard. Now we really can create a democracy that works for all. We’re going to have to create a story that captures the imagination of people all around the world.” -Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink
  • “We can protect the rainforest. But we can only do it if we permit and support the custodianship that Indigenous people already have over our own territories.” -Helena Gualinga, Indigenous and Youth Climate Justice Advocate
  • “We face old problems with old solutions that no one got around to implementing. If young people allow the tides to turn the wrong way, we’ll leave the next generation even worse off.” -Maxx Fenning, PRISM
  • “We need to preserve half of the planet in its natural state if we want nature to help us avert this global disaster.” -Enric Sala, Pristine Seas – National Geographic
  • “A lot of the low-hanging fruit of climate action has happened. So we’re left with big actions that require people working together. We’re at the messy implementation phase. We need to develop some comfort with that.” -May Boeve, 350.org

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