Terry Tempest Williams – The Open Space of Democracy

“What does the open space of democracy look like? In the open space of democracy there is room for dissent. In the open space of democracy there is room for differences. In the open space of democracy, the health of the environment is seen as the wealth of our communities.”

Celebrated author Terry Tempest Williams elegantly blends language with landscape and regales the audience with deeply personal stories of transformation, both personal and political. She challenges us to bypass political rhetoric and opt for a deeper conversation about democracy. For her, the test of true patriotism is not what we are willing to die for, but what we are willing to give our lives to. This speech was given at the 2004 Bioneers National Conference.

Terry Tempest Williams is a best-selling author, conservationist and activist. A native of Utah, her writing is rooted in the American West and ranges from issues of wilderness conservation, to women’s health, to exploring our relationship to culture and our natural landscape. Find out more about her at her website http://www.coyoteclan.com/

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