The Power of Matriarchy: Climate Justice and Women’s Leadership

Women are leading the struggle for climate justice and ushering in a new approach to creating a sustainable future for our planet. Restoring balance in climate leadership produces equity that fundamentally transforms our relationship with culture, identity, humanity, and the Earth. Creating a livable world without pollution and systemic violence depends on our ability not only to dismantle but to nurture and restore relations with ourselves and each other. 

This week, we share wisdom from brilliant women leaders as they discuss their visions for a more equitable climate movement.

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The Power of Matriarchy: Intergenerational Indigenous Women’s Leadership

In these especially challenging times, the coming together of Indigenous women in leadership is more critical than ever for all people and all cultures to re-evaluate their responsibilities to respect and protect the sacredness of Mother Earth. In this video conversation, hear four inspiring Indigenous women discuss how matriarchy, the sacred feminine, and Indigenous ways play an important part in their leadership.

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If Women Led the World: Midwifing the World Anew

Women’s leadership fundamentally transforms our relationship with the world to produce equity in justice movements.  As feminine resurgence continues to shape the struggle for change, we must move with it to sustain a committed vision of a future for all. In this panel discussion hosted by Sahana Dharmapuri, we hear from leaders Vanessa Daniel, Tia Oros Peters, and Jensine Larsen as they share their visions and challenge us to reckon with the violence of years of imbalanced decision-making.

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Ayana Elizabeth Johnson – The Feminist Climate Renaissance: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis

A Feminist Climate Renaissance is emerging in the movement for climate justice as women––specifically women of color––are transforming how we approach creating a life-giving future for all. In this keynote address, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson talks about the emerging Feminist Climate Renaissance and draws on wisdom from a brand new anthology by women climate leaders.

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Bioneers Everywoman’s Leadership Program

Everywoman’s Leadership emboldens and strengthens the leadership effectiveness of women who are diverse in every way and who are reinventing organizations, institutions, and systems while protecting and defending the web of life. Inspiring, strengthening, and connecting women’s leadership is essential to facilitating the systemic transformation needed to shift our societies. 

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Nature, Culture and the Sacred: Integration and Congruence through Practical Magic

In this excerpt from her new book, Nature, Culture and the Sacred, Bioneers co-founder Nina Simons shares moving stories of women around the world joining together to reconnect people, nature, and the land. 

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