Women’s Leadership + Climate Justice: A Nexus of Opportunity for Transformation

The desperately needed radical change in humanity’s environmental and socio-political behaviors requires a transformation of our core attitudes toward the “feminine” (in all its forms) at the deepest levels of our psyches. Women on the frontlines are often both the main victims of climate impacts and leaders in the struggle for climate justice. Zainab Salbi has dedicated her life to empowering women around the globe, and she has now co-founded Daughters for Earth, a dynamic new campaign to mobilize women worldwide to support and scale up women-led efforts to protect and restore the Earth.

This week, we explore how women’s leadership is transforming the movement for climate justice, balancing action in the world with individual healing, and creating more resilient networks and communities. 

Zainab Salbi – Daughters for Earth

As climate change and the destruction of Earth’s lands, waters and wildlife accelerate, women around the world are the most impacted, but they are also the frontline warriors fighting to protect our future. Unfortunately, their work and leadership are often not seen, appreciated, or funded. In order to address that marginalization, female leaders in the women’s rights, environmental and philanthropic sectors came together to found Daughters for Earth (under the auspices of the visionary philanthropic organization, One Earth). A co-founder and leader of this new initiative is Zainab Salbi, a widely celebrated humanitarian, author, thought leader, and journalist. In this presentation, Zainab explores the interconnection between our personal search for healing and how we face the challenges of climate change.  

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Daughters for Earth: Women and the Climate Change Movement

Women all over the globe, especially in the “developing world,” are the ones who most often bear the brunt of having to contend with the radical disruptions visited upon their families and communities by climate change and environmental degradation, yet women’s voices are far too often ignored. Furthermore, climate change and physical and psycho-spiritual health are almost always discussed as separate issues, but the personal and the political, the heart and the mind are not just interconnected, they are all one. In this discussion, Justin Winters, Zainab Salbi, Helena Gualinga, Kahea Pacheco, and Nina Simons explore the impact of climate change on women and how to assure their full inclusion in all climate solutions, how these struggles relate to the personal search for healing, and what it will take to create authentic global change. 

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Take Action: Support These Movements

Daughters for Earth | A women-led campaign that is bringing together women’s rights, environmental and philanthropic sectors to address the marginalization of women in climate change action.

Women’s Earth Alliance | An organization that identifies grassroots women leaders fighting for climate justice and invests in their long-term leadership through training, funding, and connecting them to a network of support.

Amazon Watch | An organization that works to protect the Amazon’s ecological systems by partnering with Indigenous leadership and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, and corporate accountability.

One Earth | A nonprofit organization working to accelerate collective action to solve the climate crisis through groundbreaking science, inspiring media, and an innovative approach to climate philanthropy.

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