Woof Woof, Wanna Play? An Interview with Visionary Astrologer, Caroline Casey

Caroline W. Casey is a Visionary Activist Astrologer, devoted to the principle that imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow. Therefore, the cultivation of imagination coupled with the capacity for complex storytelling is a key strategy for personal and collective change.

Caroline has been studying astrology since she was a teen, has a degree in Semiotics from Brown University, and has studied magic, mythology and social activism all over the world. Based in Washington DC, Caroline broadcasts her live weekly radio show, “The Visionary Activist Show“, wedding spiritual magic to ingenious social action to Pacifica station KPFA (94.1) in Northern California, replayed on KPFK in Los Angeles. You can listen to the show live online at KPFA.org on Thursdays at 2pm PT .

Caroline offers Visionary Activist Revivals at a wide variety of conferences nationally and internationally, and is often a crowd favorite at the Bioneers Conference (for over 12 years!). A rousing and frequent speaker, Caroline invites us to imagine, conjure, and implement a more lovingly ingenious world.


Bioneers’ Polina Smith spoke with Caroline about her perspective on the time we’re living in, the role myth and astrology can play in helping us navigate uncertainty, Caroline’s own healing journey, plus much more! Check out interview highlights below or listen to the whole interview available at the end of the article.

The Trickster

Here Caroline talks about the 3500-year-old myth about the trickster- anyone unchallenged will become tyrannical. Let us call on the trickster, who serves to playfully challenge and liberate.

Language Crafting

Caroline tells us that language is magic. Language is power. Language can change the narrative. Let us use our language wisely.

Woof Woof, Wanna Play?

Caroline calls on her favorite tactic of ‘woof woof wanna play.’  She teaches us to not react, but instead respond with aikido like precision to opinions different than our own.  

Caroline’s Underworld Journey

Caroline talks beautifully about her cancer dance, the lessons she learned and her process of healing.

Watch the FULL INTERVIEW here

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