Youth Leaders Plant Seeds of Change at Bioneers 2016

The Bioneers 2016 conference is fast approaching, and the role of youth in the Bioneers experience is more critical than ever. The Youth Leadership Program offers a welcoming, interactive space at the conference that engages and activates youth (ages 13-23) to emerge as the next generation of leaders across social and environmental movements. We understand that today’s youth are bombarded with grim messages about the state of the world; with environmental, racial, gender, and socioeconomic injustices all around them, youth are at risk of being lost to apathy and cynicism.

The 2016 National Bioneers Conference is the antidote! We provide compelling, relevant opportunities for youth that ignite personal empowerment and inspire community activism. The Youth Unity Center will be filled with incredible workshops, including Malik Diamond’s HipHopForChange, Barbara Jefferson’s Liberation in Action, and Increase the Peace: Conflict Resolution led by Destiny Arts.

The Youth Leadership Program also nurtures youth expression, featuring arts as a method of activism: a poetry slam hosted by the renowned eco-hip hop artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Earth Guardians, an open mic session, and various drop-in interactive art projects.

Check out Xiuhtezcatl’s performance from 2014 for a taste:

We welcome marginalized communities, with a safe space for meaningful dialogue in the Youth of Color Caucus and the LGBTQ Talking Circle. Youth can also participate in the Community of Mentors, small group meetings with seasoned leaders held throughout the conference. (For details, please see the Youth Leadership schedule.)

So come join us at this year’s gathering! Meet and network with other young activists in the environmental and social justice movements. Deepen your personal power and step up to leadership.

We offer a conference registration discount for students, and a limited number of scholarships to cover costs for young people to attend. You can apply for a scholarship here.

Want to help build a better tomorrow? Help deserving youth experience Bioneers by donating to our Barn Raiser Fundraising campaign – launching today! Help us bring more youth to Bioneers than ever and invest in youth leadership, for a just and sustainable future.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the young leaders already involved:

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