Youth Leadership at the Bioneers 2017 Conference

Bioneers is committed to making the conference accessible to as many diverse young leaders as possible. Join us!

The Bioneers’ Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is a transformative opportunity for young leaders and activists to build alliances and strengthen connections with other young environmental, social justice and food systems leaders. It nourishes change by bringing youth between 13- and 23-years old—the next generation of visionary leaders—to the conference for training, mentoring and networking. We encourage and support youth to step up into their personal power to transform their lives through everyday actions to model and influence positive environmental and social change.

Through the Youth Scholarship initiative, Bioneers expands the attendance of young people at the conference by providing an opportunity for those with financial needs to join us to learn and develop leadership skills in a safe and dedicated space. Scholars will receive free tickets to attend the event and will be exposed not only to the conference full schedule, but also to the dedicated programming described below.

In 2016, Bioneers provided over 400 scholarships to young deserving activists. Almost half were people of color including over 90 Native American youth.

You can be a critical part of awakening the passions of diverse young people and empower them to create positive change. To donate to the 2017 Bioneers Youth Leadership Fund, please click here.


Youth Leadership Programming at the Bioneers 2017 Conference

  • Keynote talk: Naelyn Pike – this luminous 17-year-old Chiricahua Apache change-maker from San Carlos, AZ, co-leads the Apache Stronghold group to defend her people’s sacred sites, tribal sovereignty, culture and language
  • Culinary Wellness Concert – a unique interactive “Eco Hip Hop” performance with a “juicing raw foods” workshop that explores plant-based nutrition, self-love and transformation. With extraordinary “conscious rappers,” raw vegan chefs, healers, organic gardeners, and educators DJ Cavem and Alkemia Earth

  • Alive with Purpose – led by Youth Impact Hub Oakland, an organization which partners with local businesses to train youth as social entrepreneurs to create an equitable economy and serve the greater community
  • Soil for Life – youth will roll up their sleeves in this hands-on workshop on how to play a role in capturing carbon in their own backyard, local park, or school yard. Produced by Earth Guardians
  • The Poetry Slam -the crown jewel Youth Unity Center activity where youth engage in sharing their realities in a real, meaningful and authentic way that gives them a platform to speak Truth to Power
  • The Open Mic – youth share music, their passions, their work, poems, art and anything that is real for them in an open and brave space
  • The Youth of Color Caucus and LGBTQ Talking Circle – two separate forums where youth and their allies have an opportunity to meet and discuss the real issues that come with holding those identities in both the social and climate justice movements
  • Interactive Mandala – youth co-create a living, nature-based art piece with eco-artist Aaron Ableman, using seeds, gourds, plants and flowers that symbolize the growth that young people experience throughout the conference



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