Adrianna Quintero – Re-imagining the Environmentalist

Adrianna Quintero, a Senior Attorney at the NRDC and founder/Executive Director of Voces Verdes, says that if we want to have any chance of succeeding in securing a healthy future and a livable planet, it’s time to re-imagine the environmentalist. All of us have a connection to nature, and we need to embrace a new vision that reflects the realities of our time and the growing diversity in our country. As the U.S. moves toward being a minority majority nation and the Latino population asserts its very high commitment to environmental concerns, more and more of us need to feel welcomed and a part of the movement – even if we’ve never been on a hike.

Introduction by Kenny Ausubel, Co-Founder and CEO of Bioneers.

This speech was given at the 2015 Bioneers Annual Conference.

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