Bill McKibben – Why We Actually Need Everyone in the Climate Struggle

Alongside Indigenous and frontline communities, young people have been at the forefront of the global climate fight. In this talk, Bill McKibben explains why older activists not only need to have their backs, but how we can harness the power of the fastest-growing population on earth—people over the age of 60—and move them towards progressive political involvement, foster intergenerational collaboration, and deepen the fight for a fairer, more stable planet.

This talk was delivered at the 2021 Bioneers Conference.

Bill McKibben, one of the most important thinkers on environmental issues and climate activists of our era, is a contributing writer to The New Yorker, a founder of the remarkable influential grassroots climate campaign and the Schumann Distinguished Professor in Residence at Middlebury College in Vermont. A recipient of the Right Livelihood Prize (sometimes called the ‘alternative Nobel’) in 2014, and the Gandhi Peace Award, he has written over a dozen books about the environment, including his first, the seminal, groundbreaking text, The End of Nature, published 30 years ago; and his most recent, Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

Learn more about Bill McKibben and his work at his website.

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