Bioneers 2018 Presenter Preview: Author & Herbalist Kami McBride

For more than 25 years, Kami McBride has worked to harness the power of the natural world. She’s taught experiential herbal programs focused on sustainable wellness practices and revitalizing our relationship with the plant world and also teaches popular online courses that empower people to use herbal medicine in their daily lives. In 2010, McBride committed some of her herbal knowledge to paper and published her book The Herbal Kitchen: 50 Easy-to-Find Herbs and Over 250 Recipes to Bring Lasting Health to You and Your Family, which aims to make cooking with herbs and other home-grown ingredients simple.

Kami McBride

At this year’s Bioneers conference, McBride will host an Earth Connection Herb Walk during which she’ll help participants learn how to connect to the Earth in order to live more sustainably. She’ll not only discuss how to use what grows around us as medicine, but will also practice some simple, everyday ways of tuning in and listening to what the Earth has to teach us.

Ahead of the conference, the author and herbalist shared with us what she sees as our biggest challenge right now, and two of her must-read books.

What she’s most excited for within the next year: “Helping thousands of people deeply connect with the Earth through reviving the art of home herbalism.”

Her biggest reason to have hope right now: “The Earth is so beautiful. Every day I listen to her guidance and the solutions that she has for us to carry on. We can do this.”

Our biggest challenge to overcome right now: “Our biggest challenge is that we forgot that the Earth is our Mother, so we are acting like motherless children, fighting, squandering….. When we deeply experience the interconnectedness and relatedness, we can change.”

The number one thing individuals can do to have a big impact on the world in a positive way: “Tune into the song of their own heart: What is it that you truly came here to do at this time?”

The two books she recommends to our audience:

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