Bioneers 2023 Keynote Videos from Saru Jayaraman, Shane Gero & Jade Begay

The leaders who spoke at Bioneers 2023 shared real progress being made right now across a wide array of movements. Taken together, they paint a picture of a hopeful future – far from guaranteed, but very much within reach. Within the next few weeks, we’ll share video recordings of all 2023 keynotes, giving you an opportunity to watch (or re-watch!) the full collection of presentations.  

Today, we have the opportunity to present an early release of three audience-favorite keynote presentations. These talks electrified the Bioneers 2023 community, proving that incredible leadership exists today across sectors and missions. Scroll through to watch presentations from labor activist Saru Jayaraman, whale biologist Shane Gero, and Indigenous rights activist Jade Begay.

Saru Jayaraman | The Great Revolution: What a Worker Power Moment Can Mean for Climate Justice

Saru Jayaraman, President of One Fair Wage and Director of the Food Labor Research Center at UC Berkeley, co-founded the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) and launched One Fair Wage to end subminimum wages in the U.S. In her keynote presentation, Saru speaks about her work organizing restaurant and other low-wage workers over the last 20 years and the incredible moment of historic worker revolt currently underway in the United States, one that could have enormous implications for both climate justice and for our democracy.

Watch Saru Jayaraman’s Keynote Presentation

Shane Gero | Preserving Animal Cultures: Lessons From Whale Wisdom

Shane Gero, Ph.D., is a Canadian whale biologist, Scientist-in-Residence at Ottawa’s Carleton University, Biology Lead for Project CETI, and a National Geographic Explorer. He is the founder of The Dominica Sperm Whale Project, a long-term research program detailing the lives of these enigmatic ocean nomads in the Eastern Caribbean. In his keynote presentation, Shane shares what he has learned from the thousands of hours he has spent in the company of sperm whales, including how fundamentally similar their lives are to our own and how their cultures define their identity, just as ours do. Shane explains why we need new approaches to whale conservation that recognize the biologically important divisions between different communities of whales, so we can respect their identity and cultural diversity; and how this can be extrapolated to the larger struggle to conserve biodiversity.

Watch Shane Gero’s Keynote Presentation

Jade Begay | Strengthening Indigenous Leadership During Collapse

Jade Begay, MA, a citizen of Tesuque Pueblo and also of Diné and Southern Ute ancestry, Director of Policy and Advocacy at NDN Collective, works at the intersections of storytelling, narrative strategy, climate and environmental justice, and Indigenous rights policy at the domestic and international levels. In 2021, Jade was appointed by President Biden to serve on the inaugural White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council and is a recipient of a Ripe for Creative Disruption Environmental Justice Movement Fellowship. In her presentation, Jade shares her insights on how far Indigenous leadership has come and what we can do to strengthen and embolden this leadership that is so needed if we are all to survive on planet Earth.

Watch Jade Begay’s Keynote Presentation

Bioneers Learning: Permaculture, Regenerative Design and Earth Repair for the Great Turning with Penny Livingston

Through engaging courses led by some of the world’s foremost movement leaders, the brand new Bioneers Learning platform equips engaged citizens and professionals like you with the knowledge, tools, resources and networks to initiate or deepen your engagement, leading to real change in your life and community.

Register now for a live course with Penny Livingston, “Permaculture, Regenerative Design and Earth Repair for the Great Turning,” to learn about the principles of permaculture, including how to work with natural systems, design for resilience, and create regenerative systems.

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Finding Artistic Inspiration in Nature: An Interview with Artist Guillermo Flores

“I think everything comes from nature. I mean, that’s my inspiration all the time. Plants, birds, the yard, the universe, I mean, everything is there.”

Designer, art director, and illustrator Guillermo Flores is the name behind the original collage illustration for the Bioneers 2023 Conference poster. He has collaborated with organizations and companies around the world, serving as a creative and art director on multiple projects, developing brand identity, strategy, planning and execution. In this interview, Guillermo talks about his work and how he draws inspiration from nature.

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