Blueprints for Justice & Health: Designing Futures for Equitable Healing

Although a new year signifies new beginnings, many of the challenges we face are years in the making. This week, we are highlighting innovative work from Deanna Van Buren and Rupa Marya, two leaders at the forefront of architecture/design and medicine, respectively, who are challenging our failing approaches to our justice system and to public health. By transforming how we relate to care and community, these leaders are creating a blueprint for a future of profound equitable healing.

Deep Medicine for Bodies and a World Inflamed: Healing Requires the Right Diagnosis | Rupa Marya

Our world, our bodies, and our society are inflamed with mass uprisings in the wake of racist violence and climate change induced illnesses. In this presentation, physician and activist Rupa Marya explores how structural injustice affects human and environmental health and calls for the right diagnosis to create deep healing.

Watch a video of this presentation or read the transcript here.

Designing Spaces for Justice & Care | Deanna Van Buren

Our nation’s current punitive architecture is designed with cruelty compounded by a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts communities of color. Architect Deanna Van Buren committed her life to create spaces that harness care and restorative justice. As co-founder and Executive Director of the Oakland-based architecture and real estate development non-profit Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS), Deanna works to counter the traditional adversarial and punitive architecture that characterizes our legal system by creating spaces and buildings that enable Restorative Justice, community building, and housing for people coming out of incarceration.

Watch a video of this presentation or read the transcript here.

Designing Futures for Health and Justice

Achieving profound socio-economic, environmental, and political changes calls for radical and intensive re-visioning of our world. In this conversation, Rupa Marya and Deanna Van Buren weave together their respective knowledge in medicine, architecture, and law to share how their work can radically transform professional paradigms.

Watch here.

Guardians of the River — Online Course

How can we reconnect with water and understand our relationship with water bodies based on values of kinship? In this unique online course from Guardians Worldwide, learn from practitioners from many different nations about traditional water knowledge and global confluences of water thinking. Want to become a River Guardian? Use code “bioneers20” for an exclusive 20% discount.

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