Gar Alperovitz – Replacing Corporate Capitalism: Why We Need a Next System

As ecological and economic justice movements hit the same hard limits of possibility, being realistic in our time in history means getting serious about what might have formerly been seen as impossible: actually replacing our broken corporate capitalist system. Gar Alperovitz, co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative and co-chair of its Next System Project, shows how we can begin to build together for the systemic change we need to save both democracy and the planet. As a political economist, author, former legislative director in the House and Senate, nonprofit innovator and scholar, Gar shares breakthrough models for community-based political-economic development and new institutions of community wealth ownership. He highlights local, state and national policy approaches to community stability in the era of globalization that really work and can spread widely.

Introduction by Kenny Ausubel.

This speech was given at the 2018 Bioneers Conference. Read the full text version.

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