How Visionary Leaders and Movements Shape Our World

Movements matter. At the heart of every successful movement lies a group of leaders who ignite the spark of resistance and dedicate themselves unwaveringly to realize a more just future. This profoundly important calling requires not only a deep understanding of the issues at hand but also the empathy, vision and courage to inspire and mobilize others.

The complexity and urgency of today’s challenges require an ever-expanding cohort of visionary leaders, but the dangers and obstacles faced by these trailblazers are often great. We’ve had the privilege of listening in on truly global conversations from leaders of some of the most compelling movements in the world today, including women’s rights, indigenous sovereignty, and worker’s rights. 

Read on to learn from a diverse array of inspiring figures, including Zainab Salbi, Rajasvini Bhansali, Saru Jayaraman, Jade Begay, Manuel Pastor, and Tom Hayden.

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Frontline Warriors: A Conversation with Three Movement Leaders

Leading a social or political movement in this moment is an arduous and complex endeavor. The challenges faced by movement leaders are numerous, ranging from navigating fierce opposition and threats to personal safety, to combating cancel culture and internal divisions within their own communities. In this conversation, leaders Rajasvini Bhansali, Saru Jayaraman, and Jade Begay shed light on the perseverance required to sustain their work and candidly discuss the critical role of resourcing and support from philanthropy to ensure the safety and effectiveness of frontline organizers.

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Manuel Pastor – Movement Building for the Next America

Facing rapidly changing demographics, growing inequality and increased political polarization in the U.S., movement builders are grappling with creating new cross-generational ties and a new understanding of the relationship between equity and economic growth. How do we build movements based on vision and values, not interests and transactions? Manuel Pastor is Professor of American Studies & Ethnicity at USC, and founding Director of the Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community at UC Santa Cruz. He directs the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, and co-directs USC’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration.

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Woven Liberation: How Women-Led Revolutions Will Shape Our Future

How are women around the world leading movements demanding liberation from oppressive and destructive patriarchal systems, and what might we learn from these movements?

In this conversation, Azita Ardakani, Zainab Salbi and Nina Simons discuss concrete actions women leaders are taking around the world and the inner work that’s needed to become genuinely heart-centered change-makers.

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Rights of Nature: A New Series from Bioneers

A burgeoning movement to transform prevailing legal systems that facilitate ecological devastation is spreading around the world. This “Rights of Nature” movement focuses on assigning fundamental legal rights to natural entities. In the same way some societies create systems of jurisprudence that assign legal rights to citizens or communities or institutions to protect them from myriad harmful activities, Rights of Nature initiatives seek to enshrine legal frameworks that protect nature from harm or require damages and remediation when harm is done. We’re excited to introduce a new series that illuminates the work and perspectives of many of the Rights of Nature movement’s most active leaders. Sign up below to check it out.

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Spirit in the Air: Reform, Revolution and Regeneration | Tom Hayden

In times of massive social change, personal biography can coincide with historical epochs to produce leaders who embody the spirit of the times. In this historic and still powerfully resonant presentation from the Bioneers archives, the late and sorely missed activist, author, politician, and visionary Tom Hayden shares his unique, brilliant long view of social change movements. He traces the arc of struggle that has led to our current epochal challenge as the climate and inequality crises collide and threaten global civilization and human survival.

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9/6: Design Thinking for Leaders with Marilyn Cornelius

Are you ready to gain a working understanding of the design thinking process and its steps?

Registration is open for “Design Thinking for Leaders” on Bioneers Learning, a platform for activists, innovators, and anyone seeking knowledge and tools to manifest social and environmental solutions. Register today for a live course with Marilyn Cornelius to learn about practical training for leaders in any field. Explore how to apply the design thinking process individually and with teams to systematically build innovation into their problem-solving approaches.

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9/6: Community Conversations with Thomas Linzey and Mari Margil

Join us for the first Bioneers Learning Community Conversation of 2023, where Thomas Linzey and Mari Margil will guide us through an introduction to the emerging “Rights of Nature” movement. Thomas and Mari will explain what “rights of nature” is in the United States and internationally, how it is a significant shift in how humans protect nature, and where and how it’s becoming binding law. This event is ideal for anyone interested in embarking on conversations around how indigenous communities are adopting and enforcing rights of nature laws.

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