A Keynote Conversation with Chloe Maxmin

The deep divisions between urban and rural America are becoming a defining force in American politics at the state and national levels. It is clear that we cannot achieve bold, long-lasting legislation without support from rural America.

In her keynote address to the Bioneers 2020 Conference, Chloe Maxmin, a young progressive from rural Maine, described how she was able to flip a Maine House Seat with a 16% Republican advantage in 2018, and in 2020 unseated a two-term Republican incumbent and (former) Senate Minority Leader.

After the conference, Bioneers Co-founder and CEO Kenny Ausubel spoke with Chloe about her experience building bridges between rural and urban communities through the power of listening and emphasizing shared values. Their conversation also covers Chloe’s work on the Green New Deal legislation, and the promise of a hyperlocal approach to organizing political movements in this transformational moment.

To learn more about Chloe, visit her website.

Watch Chloe’s keynote address to the 2020 Bioneers Conference.

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