A Keynote Conversation with Vanessa Daniel

Underrepresented populations, including BIPOC and gender non-conforming people, are often on the frontlines of justice movements. Existing at the compounding intersections of state violence, these groups have developed an adaptive ability to see the world with astonishing moral and political clarity. They are illuminating new ways toward liberation in which everyone benefits, and yet they remain the least funded.

Vanessa Daniel is the founder and Executive Director of Groundswell Fund and Groundswell Action Fund, two organizations that support grassroots organizing led by gender non-conforming people and women of color. In her keynote address to the Bioneers 2020 Conference, she forced us to reckon with the urgency of the current moment.

After the conference, Bioneers Co-founder and Chief Relationship Strategist Nina Simons spoke with Vanessa about her work with the Groundswell community, building cross-cultural and multi-racial coalitions, and where she sees the future of organizing.

Watch Vanessa’s keynote address to the 2020 Bioneers Conference.

Learn more about Vanessa Daniel at groundswellfund.org.

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