Natural Magic: The Earth Hospitality Enterprise – One Hour Special

Natural Magic is a one-hour special from Bioneers Radio that explores the time-tested processes, relationships and recipes that have allowed life to flourish during 3.8 billion years of evolution. Our guides are scientific and social innovators known as “the Bioneers.”

Luminaries featured in the program include globally renowned biologist and educator David Suzuki, bestselling author and environmental entrepreneur Paul Hawken, biomimicry master Janine Benyus, clean energy expert Amory Lovins and author and climate leader Bill Mckibben.

They say the solutions to our environmental challenges are largely present – if we just ask nature. They herald a revolution from the heart of nature – and the human heart.

Also Featuring:

Paul Stamets – Visionary myco-technologist working with mushrooms to heal the planet

John Mohawk – Turtle Clan Seneca elder and educator

Jeanne Achterberg – Pioneering researcher in medicine and psychology

Jeremy Narby – Anthropologist and author who has worked closely with Native Amazonian peoples

Dan Dagget – Pulitzer Prize nominated author for the book Beyond the Rangeland Conflict: Toward a West That Works

Nina Simons – BIoneers Co-founder

Kenny Ausubel – BIoneers Co-founder

Neil Harvey – Host

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