Ocean Conservation & Climate Change: Extinguishing the Flames

Compared to ecosystems on land, oceans don’t generally receive their due in the climate change conversation, but phytoplankton generate 50 to 80% of the world’s oxygen, and new research reveals that oceans’ role in carbon sequestration is much larger than previously realized, so marine environments turn out to be at least as crucial as terrestrial ones, and probably more so, in regulating climate. How we treat our oceans may well determine the ultimate survival of our species. 

This week we highlight the work of some leading scientists and activists working to protect and restore marine habitats.

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Turning the Tide: Commercial Fishing & Ocean Conservation

In this article, marine ecologist Rod Fujita speaks about the importance of aligning the value of conservation with the value of people who make a living on fishing. Despite the history of conservation and the role oceans play in biodiversity, a small percentage of oceans are protected from commercial exploitation. 

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Community Conversations – We Wish You Water

In a new series of community conversations, Bioneers is offering a community of dynamic and reflective learning around deep and engaging topics to discuss issues that impact our planet. Collaborate with the Bioneers community on the second Thursday of each month, starting with a conversation about water. In exploring #bluemind science and practice, we learn about creatively and collaboratively solving problems through the wisdom of water. 

The first conversation begins June 10th with Wallace “J” Nichols, Ph.D. 

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Fall In Love With Water: A Million Blue Mind Marbles

Scientist Wallace “J” Nichols, teacher at Bioneers’ first Community Conversations event (above), has used blue marbles to connect his audiences to deep gratitude and a love for water.

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This New Tool Maps and Tracks Coral Reef Bleaching

Within the past 10 years, most of the planet’s coral reef population has been affected by bleaching, with many areas dying due to bleaching events. Preserving and protecting Earth’s coral reefs is enormously important: Healthy reefs are relied upon by a quarter of all the fish in the ocean, they protect coastlines from erosion, and they provide food and jobs for hundreds of millions of people.

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She is the Ocean

She is the Ocean is a documentary that explores the lives of nine astonishing women from the four corners of the globe who share in their love for the Sea. In showing how it has shaped and given direction to their lives, She is the Ocean captures a love so profound that these women have chosen to make the Sea the center of their physical, philosophical and professional lives. She is the Ocean is available to stream on all of your favorite platforms!

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