Regenerative Agriculture: Nourishing the Soil, Healing the Planet

This short video highlights regenerative ranchers and farmers who are bringing life back to working landscapes by mimicking the creative forces of nature. Regenerative agricultural practices draw down atmospheric carbon and sequester it in the soil where it boosts fertility and nurtures biodiversity, making this approach to agriculture a key solution to mitigating climate change. 

Featuring: Doniga Markegard, Markegard Family Grass Fed; Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser, Singing Frog Farms; Tim LaSalle, Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems – CSU, Chico.

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CREDITS: Executive Producer, Arty Mangan; Producer, Stephanie Welch; Editor: Emily Harris; Graphics and Animation: Megan Howe; Camera: TrimTab Media; Liz Rubin, Ecodeo; Veva Edelson, Piano Farm. Thanks to John Feldman and Hummingbird Films for sharing footage. Check out their work in progress, Regenerating Life: An Earthlings Guide to Planetary Health.

Special thanks to our underwriter, Center for Food Safety

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