Resources for Helping Migrant Families at the Border

We asked around the Bioneers community for some of the very best people and groups working on the front lines of crisis with asylum seekers, refugees and related issues. Please help however you can.

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Saturday, June 30 – Families Belong Together
Scheduled Nationwide

An update from the event’s website: “A federal judge ruled against Trump’s family separation policy—but we know the administration will fight back. We have momentum and we cannot slow down now since the the court ruling along isn’t enough and could be overturned. Our mobilization, in over 600 locations around the country and still growing, is critical to showing the widespread public demand for just immigration policies—because families belong together … and free!”

Support Groups Providing Direct Services

Women’s Refugee Commission

The Women’s Refugee Commission improves the lives and protects the rights of women, children and youth displaced by conflict and crisis.

Cara Family Detention Pro Bono Project

Represents women and children in immigration detention.

Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services (DMRS)

The only full-service immigration legal aid clinic serving low-income immigrants and refugees residing in the southwestern United States.

Las Americas

Provides legal services to the asylum-seeking parents separated from their families. The organization needs donations as well as volunteer attorneys. For the latter, contact Linda Rivas

Annunciation House

Provides life-saving refuge and nourishment to migrants.

Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee

Helps pay immigration bonds to get detained people free, thus calling them to reunite with family, avoid bail bond lenders and improve their chances in immigration court.

Fianza Fund

The Fianza Fund works with families to assist them in coming up with the bond amount and going through the long and sometimes confusing processes for bonding someone out.


The largest immigration legal services provider in Texas. RAICES directly funds bonds to allow parents to unite with their detained children. They will ensure legal representation for every separated family and every unaccompanied child in Texas’ immigration courts and work to get these children and parents the psychological care they will need after this experience.


Echoes of the Past

Identity Erasure

Historical and Other References

A Primal Scream: Taking Action Against an Illegitimate Regime

An editorial on our current political system and government, written by Bioneers Co-Founder Kenny Ausubel.

Barbaric: America’s Cruel History of Separating Children from their Parents

The Trump administration’s policy of separating parents and children who cross the border illegally has roots in slave and Native American families being ripped apart.

Trump has turned words into weapons. And he’s winning the linguistic war

From ‘spygate’ to ‘fake news’, Trump is using language to frame – and win – debates. And the press operate like his marketing agency.

Special thanks to the Latino Community Foundation, Haas Center, Sachi Yoshii from East Bay Community Foundation who is working at the border, and Dan Skaff at Radical Impact Partners for helping us create this collection.

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