Roots to Power: Regenerative Economies and Grassroots Organizing

The ecological and social crises we are facing require urgency and collaboration on a vast scale. While organizers and activists rally relentlessly for a habitable planet, corporations have continued to seek larger and larger payouts at the expense of the home we all share. As much as these times are characterized by exploitation and degrading ecological health, our present moment is also marked by unstoppable world changers, many of whom are organizing grassroots, local movements for a regenerative economy that restores social and ecological well-being.

This Earth Day, we share content from community leaders as they discuss building equity & regenerative democracy toward a sustainable future. 

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Frontline Leadership to Transform the World

Exploitation, corruption, and the degradation of Earth’s ecosystems have characterized the economic trajectory leading to our present crises. In this panel discussion, we hear from four brilliant leaders on building a regenerative economy to restore social and ecological well-being. 

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The Power of Small for Big Transformations

In this keynote address, Daily Acts Executive Director Trathen Heckman illuminates the power in small daily acts of courage and conviction, in small groups of unstoppable world-changers, and small gardens that revitalize communities and reconnect us to nature’s operating instructions.

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The Power of Community: Aligning Governments and Grassroots for Urgent Climate Action

The climate-change ship has left the harbor, and we face the urgent need to accomplish many goals simultaneously. Luckily, there are many examples of effective pathways forward for integrated climate action. By leveraging collaboration across multiple sectors, visionary leaders are outlining revolutionary blueprints for the next wave of essential work. In this panel discussion, grassroots climate action leaders discuss the power of community collaboration to create widespread change.

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How Jackson, Mississippi, Imagines a Cooperative Future

Cooperation Jackson is “building a solidarity economy in Jackson, Mississippi, anchored by a network of cooperatives and worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises.” The group’s progressive initiatives help workers in Jackson take ownership of their work and the success of their communities. In this article, Bioneers speaks with brandon king about Cooperation Jackson’s model for success and its plans to scale.

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  • Earth Day Live: Restore Our Earth | will kick off this Earth Day Live Digital event on April 22nd at 12 PM Eastern Time with a series of panel discussions, workshops, and performances that focus on emerging green technologies and restoring ecological prosperity. 
  • Leaders Summit on Climate | In close collaboration with international government officials, the Biden administration will convene with world leaders to discuss emissions reductions, finance, job creation, and adaptation. The summit will take place April 22nd-23rd. 
  • American Climate Leadership Summit | Building off of the Leaders Summit on Climate, the American Climate Leadership Summit will convene on April 27th- 29th. Bringing together 1,000+ international climate leaders, the summit will facilitate discussions that foster solutions to the current climate crisis. 

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