Speaking Truth to Power, Bioneers on Charlottesville

This last weekend, in the city of Charlottesville, VA, a group of white supremacists including neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members gathered for a “Unite the Right” march to “take America back”. They were met by counter-protesters and violence broke out.

#Bioneers faculty across the world responded to the events in Charlottesville this weekend:


john a. powell

“We must continue to organize and participate and do more in the face of organized hate. We must come forward with not only messages but policies and platforms that advance equality and inclusion. We must protect the protestors who take a stand against hate. These are people helping America be its best self. If we are to pull America back from hate, there must be supporters from all political persuasions and voices from every race, ethnicity, religion, and faith. If we are to stand for equality and love, we must ground ourselves in these values and we must indeed take a stand. We are America’s present and its future.”


Rachel Bagby

“I do know there is something here for the women to heal, to come together, to dedicate ourselves to healing and continuing. What we have seen here and experienced here in Charlottesville today is not something that’s new. And it’s not something that just the folks that came from outside brought here. It’s something that’s simmering in the very foundation of the conditions, the attitudes, the bigotry, the izm schisms that help to make this country. And so we see what we have to heal.”



“Here at 350.org, we know white supremacy is not limited to klan rallies and alt-right forums. The hateful rally, violence and act of terrorism we witnessed yesterday were home grown, rooted in the racist history of this country, watered and tended by the bold hate speech and encouragement of the Trump administration, and harvested by each individual who chose to participate in the white supremacist rally.”


Terry Tempest Williams

“My thoughts exactly, written by Michael Gerson.


Van Jones

“Both sides are not mowing people down with cars.”


Malkia A. Cyril

“Just like 1960’s civil rights leaders used TV to shine a light on injustice, we use the #OpenInternet to witness and act. #Charlottesville

“Racial prejudice alone is not the problem. It’s prejudice, plus power and impunity that makes White Supremacy dangerous. #Charlottesville

“Trump said this is about hate. It’s not, it’s about power. He said it’s coming from many sides. White Supremacy only has one side: its own.


Race Forward

“Race Forward stands behind all of the people on the frontlines who are putting themselves in harm’s way to beat back hate, racism, xenophobia, and violence. A strong multiracial movement is the only solution for dismantling structural racism. Race Forward is committed to building that movement. Together, we have the power to shape a future that elevates the voices of communities of color that have been most marginalized and oppressed, and together build a multiracial, inclusive democracy in which all can thrive.  ”


Tony Porter

“All forms of group oppression are rooted in our collective socialization. We can undo racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc., through education.” #CharlottesvilleCurriculum


Michael Brune, Sierra Club

“Hatred and racism have long played a disgraceful part of American history, but there can be no doubt that those who spew white supremacy feel empowered right now when they see allies in the corridors of power. These bigots must be condemned, not coddled, and we are in solidarity with those elected officials, residents of Charlottesville, and people all over this country who are speaking out for an America that pushes forward toward justice, not slides backward into hatred and fear.”


Eriel Deranger

“Some days you just have to push through the hard. Other days you have to lean into it.
The personal trials and tribulations this year are many. Many of them part and parcel to the multigenerational trauma experienced by my people that live their lives being told to get over it, while they slip deeper into the darkness created by society wrought with white supremacy.”


Pennie Opal Plant

“This time is about tearing the scabs off of the deep wounds in this country made by a nation created by genocide and torture. The infection runs deep and a wound cannot heal when it is hidden. White supremacists are still in the street in Charlottesville today. Now we can see their faces. We can see their fear masquerading as anger and violence. We can see their immaturity and ignorance regarding the history of this country. We see them. Look, pray, stand strongly together, family. This part will be difficult, it will be dangerous, we must stand together.”

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