Three Sisters Farming: Indigenous Women, Plants and Foodways

A hands-on workshop in Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) presented by The Cultural Conservancy and Bioneers Traditional Ecological Knowledge Program at the Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden, College of Marin, Novato, CA.

This intensive invited participants to explore plants as teachers and the science and philosophy of diverse indigenous foodways and ethnobotanical traditions, including: “Three Sisters” Agriculture, Pueblo farming, organic gardening and California Indian land management practices. We harvested, collected seeds, and ate together from a Three Sisters Garden as an embodiment of botanical and social polyculture.

Video credits:
Created by students of the Marin Media Corps and New Media Learning. For more information please visit the Community Media Center of Marin at

Student Crew:
Presley Balestreri
Cole Thompson
Cameron Gibson
Linh Huynh

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