Bioneers at the Global Climate Action Summit

The Global Climate Action Summit is descending on the Bay Area during the middle of September. Conceived of and hosted by California Governor Jerry Brown, the official event is designed to be a momentum builder towards 2020, a major milestone for the Paris Climate Commitment. Of course, since Paris in 2015 much has changed. The election of Trump and the subsequent withdrawal of the US from the Paris agreement has made other entities all the more important in the quest to take immediate action on climate. Subnational action on climate change by states, cities, regions and businesses is more essential than ever — and citizen mobilization at all scales continues to be among the most important drivers of action. Without being held to account, the most ambitious of intentions are at risk of remaining just that: ambitious intentions. We are all needed. The world is full of ambiguity but one thing that we can be absolutely certain of is that there is no place for unrealized ambition when it comes to climate change.

The week of events in the Bay Area will be an important opportunity to push for effective and immediate action. While the “Official Summit” is a credentialed event taking place Sept 12-14, the entire region and calendar will literally be bursting at the seams with vibrant and important actions, events and conversations. We’ve highlighted a number of key events and resources below. If you’re in the area, come out, show up and make a difference. And then join us at the Bioneers Conference in October to continue the conversation.

September 8: Global Day of Action & Climate March: RISE FOR CLIMATE

If you do one thing this week, hit the streets with thousands and thousands more to demand action on climate change. The climate movement would not be where it is today without citizen action and, for better or worse, it’s needed now more than ever.

Comprehensive Event Listings:

Bioneers Sponsored/Partnered Events:

  • Sept 12 & 14: Invoking the Pause and The Climate Solutions Group: Climate Action Summit Speaker Series. A two-day event featuring many Bioneers speakers including Joshua Fouts, Brock Dolman, Erin Axelrod, Calla Rose Ostrander, Dr.Jeff Creque, Frijtof Capra, Janaki Jagannath and more.
  • Sept 12: Ten Strands: Education: Key to Long-Term Climate Action Success
    A full day event focusing on the vital but frequently overlooked role of education in successful climate action featuring a number of Bioneers allies and coordinated by Ten Strands along with a number of key partners.
  • Sept 13: USF: Climate Change, Extractive Industries, and Indigenous Land Rights: An Emerging Discussion
    An evening event co-sponsored by Bioneers featuring Corinna Gould, Valentin Lopez and others in an essential conversation about Indigenous Land Rights.
  • Sept 14: Pathway to Paris Concert
    Bioneers is thrilled to partner with Patti Smith, Bob Weir, Flea and many other artists for a Climate Action celebration and benefit concert for and UNDP.

Events Featuring Bioneers Allies and Speakers:

Forgive us (and let us know!) if we’ve missed some.

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