Knowledge Is Power: Independent Media and the Information Revolution

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The rapid rise of citizen journalism and nonprofit news organizations has provided a much-needed alternative to storytelling from media conglomerates. As the concentration of monopoly power in media has combined with the unprecedented power of digital technologies to vacuum up the media ecosystem into a reality distortion field of giants, influence peddling and infotainment, independent media sources are amplifying the underrepresented narratives that help us form a more informed, big-picture idea of what people are actually experiencing throughout the world.

This week, we highlight work from independent media groups and discuss how nonprofit media is adjusting to meet the demands of today’s readers, listeners and viewers.

How Sierra Magazine, At 126 Years Old, Is Keeping ‘Environmental’ Journalism Fresh

While today many national and traditional news outlets are covering not only wide-ranging climate activism, but the harrowing repercussions of a planet (and its inhabitants) in peril, Sierra magazine has been on the frontlines of climate- and conservation-focused journalism since the late 1800s.

Following, Bioneers Senior Director of Programs and Research Teo Grossman chats with Jason Mark, editor-in-chief of Sierra magazine, about the uptick of mainstream environmental media coverage, what it means for environmental activism as a whole, and how his over-100-year-old publication fits within the new media landscape.

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Monika Bauerlein: The Future of Journalism

Democracy is in crisis, and one central reason is the transformation of the media landscape resulting from the collapse of the economic model for news. From where will truth-seeking, fact-based, trustworthy journalism come as we rebuild our democracy? How do we overcome the hyper-capitalist algorithm devouring the free press?

Monika Bauerlein is the groundbreaking CEO and former Co-Editor of Mother Jones, which since 1976 has stood among the world’s premier progressive investigative journalism news organizations.

Read more and watch here.

Building a Better News Landscape

Fake news, junk news, viral headlines, scandals and newsroom layoffs. What’s happening in—and to—the news can make your head hurt. But there is a way to build a better, more just and democratic model for journalism than the corporate media of the past. In this panel, we hear from the courageous people doing it. Hosted by Mother Jones CEO Monika Bauerlein. With: Lila LaHood, Publisher, San Francisco Public Press; Nikhil Swaminathan, Executive Editor of Grist; Marcia Parker, publisher of CalMatters.

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Listen Now: 9 of Our Favorite Independent Podcasts

The stories we’re told can determine how we view the world around us, and with the media industry monopolized by an elite few, it’s important to dig deeper than mainstream coverage.

Bioneers has been hosting an award-winning independent radio show and podcast for nearly two decades and we’ve been amazed and inspired by the explosion of really top-notch audio storytelling and reporting projects. Check out nine indie podcasts you should be listening to (along with The Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature, of course!).

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Help Support COVID Relief to Indigenous Communities

At Bioneers, we have worked swiftly behind the scenes to help Indigenous communities hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and have already distributed rapid-relief support to those in the front lines, who are risking their lives to help Indigenous communities survive the latest pandemic.

Alexis Bunten, Bioneers Indigeneity Program Director, wrote this piece to share what her and her colleagues have learned about the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities, from historical perspectives to the current reality, and to offer several ways that you can donate to these efforts.

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Supporting Women Leaders in the Environmental Movement

Women’s Earth Alliance and the Sierra Club are partnering to support women leaders by helping them grow or scale their grassroots environmental and climate initiatives.

This project, named the 2020 Women’s Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator, is accepting applications until June 8th. Encourage women in your network to apply now!

Learn more here.

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  • Help Support COVID Relief to Indigenous Communities | The Bioneers Indigeneity Program has worked swiftly behind the scenes to distribute rapid-relief COVID-19 support to Indigenous communities. The program co-director, Alexis Bunten, wrote this article to amplify how the COVID-19 outbreak is disproportionately affecting Indigenous communities and what Bioneers is doing to help.
  • COVID Near the Congo: Our Conversation with a Disease Ecologist Caught Abroad | On her way to the Congo, Belgian disease ecologist and wildlife biologist Anne Laudisoit got stuck in Uganda during their COVID-19 shutdowns. In this interview, she chats with Bioneers Senior Producer J.P. Harpignies about zoonotic diseases and how scientists around the world are managing outbreaks.
  • American Hemp Farmer | Hemp farmer, journalist and goat herder Doug Fine takes climate change personally since he witnessed a wild-fire-fleeing bear kill nearly all his goats. Fine shares his adventures and misadventures as an independent, regenerative farmer and entrepreneur.
  • Transitioning to a Crisis-Resilient Agriculture | Fred Kirschenmann, a Distinguished Fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, is a persuasive advocate for soil health and agricultural resilience and a farmer of 1,800 certified-organic acres in North Dakota. Dr. Kirschenmann is interviewed by Arty Mangan, Bioneers Restorative Food Systems Director.

This article contains the content from the 5/21/2020 Bioneers Pulse newsletter. Sign up here to get the newsletter straight to your inbox!

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