COVID-19 Collection

Perspectives on the Pandemic from Bioneers


For decades, Bioneers has been uplifting solutions and inspiring movements for a more just world. The COVID-19 pandemic has, practically instantaneously, dramatically changed the shape of our lives. While the virus itself is considered “novel,” its emergence, spread and the varied global response has unmasked systemic realities that are certainly less than “novel,” including issues that many in this community have been working on for decades.

Explore below for perspectives on COVID-19 featuring leaders in diverse fields, from medicine to conservation to climate justice and more.

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Indigenous communities—both urban and rural—have been hit extremely hard due to unequal access to health care, lack of infrastructure, inadequate access to healthy food and water, ability to obtain essential goods, and socially-driven constraints, such as stable employment. Learn how Bioneers has been supporting Indigenous communities hit hardest by COVID-19 – and how you can help. 

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